Festina Lente and Academy of Fine Arts. Sarajevo travel photos

The pedestrian bridge, Festina Lente, connects the promenade on Obala Maka Dizdara on the left side of the Miljacka River with Obala Kulina Bana and Radićeva Street on the right.

This modern structure, with the Academy of Fine Arts in the background, is a magical sight, especially at night.

The bridge opened on August 22, 2012 and it was Adnan Alagić, Bojan Kanlić and Amila Hrustić, students at the Sarajevo Art Academy, who came up with its design.

This steel bridge is 38 meters long and has a width of 4 to 7 meters, has aluminum plating and the sides are lined with laminated glass paneling and wooden handrails.

The bridge is illuminated by LED lighting which is placed along the external frame and footway and there are two wooden benches in the center.

The Academy of Fine Arts, which was originally built to serve as an Evangelical Church, is considered one of Sarajevo’s loveliest buildings.

Once BiH was occupied by the Austro-Hungarians in 1878, the number of Evangelicals in Sarajevo grew significantly, so there was a greater need for them to build their first church.

The main initiator for the construction was the Austrian, Filip Balif, while one of the most well-known architects from Sarajevo, Karl Paržik the Czech, was responsible for the design. The church was opened on November 19, 1899.

By the end of the First World War, most Evangelicals had left Sarajevo, along with the Austro-Hungarian Army, so the church began to lose its original function.

At the end of the 1970s, Vlado Nagel, one of Sarajevo’s last Evangelical Christians, signed over the Church property to the city authorities, who later renovated and adapted the building in 1981, making it a home for the Academy of Fine Arts.

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