Sarajevo Museum 1878-1918

This dependency houses the permanent exhibition of Sarajevo from 1878 to 1918, displaying Sarajevo during the Austro-Hungarian period.

This chronological and thematic exhibition begins with a presentation of the events preceding the Berlin Congress when Austria-Hungary was given a mandate to administer Bosnia and Herzegovina, and concludes with World War I and the part played in it by the First Bosnian Regiment. The themes of the exhibition are: 1. Resistance to the occupation; 2. The new administration; 3. Lifestyle; 4. Cultural, religious and educational societies, printing presses and publishing; 5. Industry and architecture; 6. The annexation and the Bosnian Assembly; 7. The assassination of the heir presumptive, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife Sophie; 8. World War I. The exhibition also includes life-size models of Franz Ferdinand and Sophie. The Museum of Sarajevo 1878-1918 is located in the actual building outside which Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie were assassinated. The Austro-Hungarian period in Bosnia and Herzegovina saw the introduction of a new, modern system of administration, industrialization, and new road and rail communications. The new architecture brought Bosnia into the family of Central European states, and made Sarajevo a city that kept pace architecturally with Prague and Vienna. Despite the economic development resulting from industrialization, traditional crafts were preserved, by the establishment of arts and crafts workshops. The first electric power plants were built and electricity was introduced to the city. New fashions were also introduced, combining with the traditional way of life to create a new lifestyle. Civil society began to emerge with the establishment of associations of various kinds: choral societies, temperance societies, automobile associations, women’s associations and so on. By 1904, women were already driving cars. The development of publishing and new printing presses, accom

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